Layer colors

I’ve been experimenting with the Synfig code lately. I’m posting my first patch here; please tell me if I made any mistakes with the code. I didn’t touch the “$Id$” strings - they’re generated automatically, right?

I find the normal Synfig color selection irrational - checking or unchecking the “Create Outline” box in the tools changes the color of the region. So I modified the files such that regions are always shaded with the background color, and outlines with the foreground color.

In my opinion, a better modification would be using a “fill/outline” color system as opposed to “foreground/background”:

  1. All outlines are colored with the outline color
  2. All regions, text layers, etc are colored with the fill color
  3. Gradients are created in the direction fill->outline
    This way, color schemes would consistent for all tools/layers.

Does this suggestion sound reasonable?
bgpatch.txt (6.51 KB)

I haven’t time to test the patch yet but it sounds reasonable. Please add a new review request to
because we want to continue using it as primary patch tracker.

Thank you very much for start coding! I wish you a very long and productive synfig coder life! :smiley:

I guess I would agree with that. A background color is somewhat odd in a layered system.

Making this change through out the whole code base would be a big patch however…


A patch for the fill/outline suggestion is now up on