Latest tutorials for rigging my own characters

Hi All
I have a few characters I’d like to rig for animation.
The YouTube tutorials I’ve found have been old and do not relate to the current version of Synfig.
Also is it possible to replace the characters in the Character templates with my own? If so a tutorial link for that too please.
Also my Synfig keeps crashing but that may be because I haven’t installed the other software yet but advice for the latest tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Wow so Synfig can’t do this then?
I’m presuming so as nobody replied. Oh well I suppose I’ll have to get Anime studio then.
Shame as Synfig seems good.
Stay blessed


actually the current (released) version is still 0.64.3 … the synfig version i guess you are using is a release candidate (RC x) .

SynfigStudio is a community based software … it grow with the help of the community … sometime, things are updated quickly, sometime slower… and everybody can help to improve the community experience !

what character template are you using ? can you link something here … it’s difficult to answer you without clear information … … -released/ ? the “simple one” shipped with synfig sutdio from the plugins ?

please, be kind and take it easy … try to be explicit when you ask something and you may have explicit answer … like in real life …

Thanks for the reply
The version I’m using is 0.64.3
What I meant regarding old tutorials, I could only find YouTube videos about rigging made between 2009 & 2013 . So I was hoping to get tutorial links for 0.64.3 .

Unfortunately I haven’t got internet on my PC at the moment so can’t send the download link.
The downloaded file has four folders
Shared resources.
The characters names are Saga and Sita.
Once I get internet I’ll send the character link but if you can help with the latest tutorials for rigging my own characters, I’d be grateful.