Large Hadron Collider: quick 15 second short animation...

Hi guys,

here’s a very short animation…made, of course, with SynFig! … rofilepage

hope you like it,


Ha ha ha! :laughing:
Although I’m not able to understand a word form my bad English ear, I can undertsand perfectly the joke.
Just a suggestion. A small shot of the “LARGE HADRON COLLIDER” frame to raise the attention form the watcher will make it perfet!

Thanks Genete,

I know what you mean about setting the scene but the brief for this was 15 seconds (no more, no less) and I was struggling getting everything in. I even increased dialogue speed to shorten it. Just another two seconds would’ve been enough.

I’ll see what they say when I submit it - they may let me put a caption over the first few seconds.

This is for submission to UK’s BBC3 channel (link below). Unfortunately the submission page isn’t working at the moment.

It’s open to UK residents and chosen video’s get played on air in between comedy programs.