Labeling Waypoints + Waypoint Grouping

When trying to lipsync in Synfig I aggressively tried to figure out ways to make it even easier. What we currently “lack” is to recognize what several waypoints contain at a given glance, especially when you need to recognize whether a waypoint contains an “O”, or “Um”, or “Aye”.

I have a feature proposal: How about the ability to label Waypoints to recognize them at a glance without scrubbing the timeline? A small, distinctive “quote” containing a letter or a word?

Another proposal: What about the ability to group Waypoints into “sets”, so as to be able to modify or duplicate or delete animations as one recognizable element? This can usually be used for “lightbulb idea” animations, or perhaps special effects like “Bump!”, “Flash” or sort.

What about use the graph panel? when selecting a canvas parameter it can show the canvas name used.
Maybe that better can be done on the timetrack panel so waypoints of the current canvas itself are rendered on the canvas parameter timeline and also, behind those waypoints, there is a strip of names of the used canvases.

Genete, do you mean the “Curve” panel? Or Metadata? Also, I can’t seem to comprehend what you’re saying. :blush:

Sorry, Curve Panel :mrgreen:

I’ll try to do a fake screenshot this afternoon.