Kumeelyun = Zelig

Hello all. I’ve been away for a while. I created the “Catch with Sy n’ Fig” cartoon (youtube.com/watch?v=bySt14ufRmU)

I’ve had a few changes since then. At this moment, I’m typing this from a hotel in Los Angeles as I’ve started the process of looking for work here. I’ve had 3 years at a great ad agency in Vegas, but I think the opportunities in LA are more suited for me.

Other developments are that I am no longer using Linux. In order to simplify my computer setup, I am now on a MacBook Pro. Actually I wonder why it took me this long as a graphics professional to switch to a Mac. This has unfortunately led to no more work with Synfig. I’ve seen a few inklings of work and hints of Synfig being ported to Mac, which I will read with high interest.

Anyway, Hope to talk to you all soon.

Welcome back!

Sy n’ Fig was integrated into the DemoReel (see the gallery) and shown during my lightning talk at DebConf8 (see the events page).

BTW, Linux can be probably installed on the MacBook Pro.

Well, as true as that may be, I don’t really want to complicate my setup. After switching to a Mac and working with OSX, I’m really enjoying it. While I do have VMWare Fusion (I prefer that to Parallels or Boot Camp) I prefer to work in the native operating system as much as possible.

Plus, shouldn’t it be possible to compile Synfig for OSX anyway? It uses X11 libraries, correct?

Sure, see the build instructions page on the wiki. Don’t even need X11 these days.