Konstantin's weekly report #6

As djay mentioned, Link is used to Connect two value nodes together (or even various value nodes together), so I don’t like to introduce the Link concept here.
From the start, the “Split” concept has lived in the BLinePoints and hasn’t been confusion for the users. In this case I’m extending the concept to radius and angle. A change of terminology here wouldn’t help to transition in my opinion (apart of the confusion with the current Link concept)

Also, if “Link Radius” subparameter means that both are merged, the opposite action should be “UnLink Radius” what looks weird, specially when we have a perfect word in English to say the right meaning: “Split”

And again: Make a transition from Split to Merge implies to calculate the average of the value and set it to both recipients. Merge is not Link.

“Split tangents” sounds OK for me.
But “split radius” is totally confusing, especially for new user, who didn’t saw “Split tangents” in previous versions.
I’m just talking from the point of view of ordinary user, that’s it.

“Disconnect Radius” sounds fine for me.

Don’t get me wrong, as an ordinary user I was always believing that tangents are kind of linked when I press “Merge tangents”. I was living with such wrong (from the technical point of view) understanding and it didn’t distracted my daily work at all. :slight_smile:

Confusing? why? Are you referring to the subparameter or to the action? In both cases I don’t see any problem with the concept of “split”. Maybe you prefer “Split tangent’s radius” for a better understanding? That’s the current tooltip for the subparameter

Please no! Disconnect is used to disconnect from a value node. It would confuse more the users! (i.e. Glossary: Disconnect if you’re in a linked value node (but not the “linked” tangent) it means that both value nodes are not linked any more and live alone). In case you’re referring to two “Linked” tangents, it means that those tangents are now separated when they are being handled but the modification of one of them might not imply the modification of the other if their value nodes are not “linked”)

The fact with the previous version where there was only one possibility (full split or full merged) was that each duck (handle) was representing the same value node (the one from t1) and so looks like linked. But in fact they are not!
Try this thing: in an old version, edit the radius (angle) of tangent 2 manually (editing the subparameter) when split is off. The tangent 1 is not modified!!! why? because you’re not modifying directly the tangent 2, but indirectly through its Radial composite convert type. And upstream modifications are not detected by the code, so tangent 1 is not updated.

See it in action in attached file (use development version 20130916:tangent2.sifz (1.51 KB)

So in the case of the radius and angle, I can’t do what was done in the previous version because the linking of the tangent is not completely full so they need to be modified via Value Desc Set, and not by the value node representation in the duck (handle). So in the past, and now, when a tangent is indirectly modified its linked part is not updated (if that part is linked) and only will be revealed when that part is split.
In the new code, only when manipulating the tangent directly by the duck (handle) or by editing the x and y components (that is, edit the parameter of the BLinePoint as a whole value node) then the code detects that and then it updates the other tangent.

“Split radius” is totally confusing, because:

  1. tangents mean two vectors. If they “linked” (forgive me my terminology), then both vectors belong to the same line. And thus it’s perfectly understandable that they could be splitted.
  2. radius isn’t a vector. It’s a real value. I am not ever seen “split” word applied to value things.
    Well maybe my English is not good, but I’ve never heard of “split” word applied to radius things. That’s why I find it confusing. From the natural language point of view. :slight_smile:

BTW, I refer to subparameter name.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the difference of “merge” and “link”. I’m just talking from the usability/intuitivity point of view. Consider my proposal as suggestion and nothing more. You are free to implement it as you like at the end. :slight_smile:

Well, how about one more suggestion form your crazy comrade. :slight_smile:
If you don’t like “Link” so much, then we can use “Smooth” and “Symmetric” words for subparameters.
If “Smooth” is enabled => tangent’s angles are not split
If “Smooth” is disabled => tangent’s angles are split
If “Symmetric” is enabled => radius split is off
If “Symmetric” is disabled => radius split is on

“Smooth” and “Symmetric” are easy to understand, and they obviously refer to the qulities of the whole vertex of spline, including its tangents. And it doesn’t violates any terminology.