Konstantin's weekly report #5

Hello, everyone! Time for another report.

Ivan keeps working on the container format for Synfig. Synfig can already save animation into zip container and read zip container. See the little demonstration - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55NnelSQPq0.

By the way, I think it’s a good time to raise a question: what extension we will use for the new container format? Your suggestions, please.

Right now Ivan finishes implementation of reading image files from zip container. As usual, see the bunch of commits in this branch.

Last week I have finished polishing the Windows build scripts. Now we can easily build 32bit and 64bit Synfig binaries both on Windows and Fedora (using cross-compile feature). So, my goal to provide an easy way for developing and pacakaging Synfig for Windows is achieved. This work was started in May 2013 and here’s a little stats about the time spent:

Also, following changes were made in Windows build:

  • Native look and translations now available for both 32bit and 64bit builds
  • Filename is not distorted anymore when running plugin on unsaved file
  • Added warning message about resize bug
  • Windows installer now provides option to install without interface translations (for users who would like to have pure English version)

For OSX build we have fixed the issue with python missing. Carlos also fixed the problem with file loading.

At the moment Carlos works on the new approach to deal with linked tangents. With the new approach it will be possible to have tangents sharing the same angle, but with different length. Or vice versa - tangents with the lengths locked together, but different angle. You can find similar feature in Inkscape. As a consequence of this implementation, it will provide possibility to fix the vertex insertion action so the inserted vertex wouldn’t distort the curve shape. For detailed description of the feature see here - synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/478
You can follow the progress on this feature by watching this branch.

Ah, and yes! The fresh development snapshots are here - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development
(notice they don’t have zip container feature included yet, because it’s still under heavy development)

Last-minute commit to mention: github.com/blackwarthog/synfig/ … f7f35d72b0 (see commit title)

I didn’t know I fixed that! :blush:

As I’ve mentioned in the synfig-devel mailing lists, I’m having less and less free time because I expect a new son in October, so I decided to just code independent features with no time pressure. :mrgreen:
So, it will be done when it will be done … :wink:

You can’t get more dedicated than genete - he’s even been making us a new Synfig programmer :wink:

Congratulations Carlos!

Are those binaries created with debug symbols? I’ notice the Cairo render slower than Software in OSX :frowning:

Great work K.!

Forgive me for asking but isn’t sifz already a packed format (gzip). What is the benefits of developing a whole new packaging system rather than allowing siz to store additional data as images etc.?

To add a suggestion for naming how about .sz?

Installed windows version 32 bits:

  1. I see the blocking message at start a little annoying.
  2. Still seeing Cairo very slow. I’m very disappointed with this. Please someone to tell me that it doesn’t happen in Linux! All those months of work for nothing! :frowning:


Hopefully i will never saw such message …
a “do not show this message next time” [ X ] could be added …

How about .sifp for sif package?

sounds good…
i was thinking about .sify to be in alpha decreasing relation with sifz … :open_mouth:

For me Cairo is as fast or faster as old renderer.
Bodhi linux 2.3.0 (Ubuntu LTS based) & Linux Mint 11. Both 64-bit.

Windows 7, Synfig 64 bit version, Cairo seems slower than the offical stable version, but faster than the previous development version and software renderer in all versions is very, very, very much sloOower. Anyway, once multi threading in windows finally works, hint, hint, Cairo will be even faster and will come to its ful potential.

I mean this - github.com/synfig/synfig/commit … fc589b8cc7
Or maybe I’m misunderstood something?

This build have no debug symbols.

Gzip is just a compressor, not container. It cannot handle more than one file. That’s why people pack their files into tar.gz. Tar IS container, but it doesn’t provides random access - if you want to read particular file from archive, then you have to read the whole file from the start. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar_%28com … dom_access

Any other ideas how to inform user about the bug?

I prefer to put my efforts into resolving the root of the problem, instead of polishing workarounds. :slight_smile:

So, for the extensions we have following suggestions:

I would add:

  • sip (like sif + zip)
  • sfg (short form of “Synfig”)
  • syf (short form of “Synfig”, also references .sif format)

I would like to mention that in my vision the new format eventually will become default format, since it’s much more feature-geared compared to the old .sif and .sifz formats. That’s why I see the short form of “Synfig” worth to put as extension.

I’d prefer an extension that makes a word - syf or syz (SYnfig Zip) rather than one that doesn’t like sfg.

Or .syn :smiling_imp: :laughing: