Konstantin's weekly report #46

Hello, everyone!

Today I am happy to share the latest news from Synfig development and this weekly report is kindly sponsored by Joseph Carney.

The priority of this month is “Better UI” and last week Ivan continued to port Synfig’s interface to Gtk3. By this moment he have finished the “first pass” of migration. That means, the code now compiles with Gtk3 libraries and it’s even possible to run Synfig.

Below you can see the first ever screenshot of Synfig’s interface in Gtk3:
You might notice it looks a bit like Frankenstein. :slight_smile:
More than that, it’s not much usable at the current state - there are still a lot of work under the hood.Still, this is a huge step forward and now we can start polishing it to the usable state.

You can check the current code here - github.com/blackwarthog/synfig/commits/gtk-3

There are also some news about the Sound Layer feature (which was the priority of the past month). My responsibility is to resolve all crossplatform/packaging issues and integrate the code into main development branch. Below you can see a quick summary of current status:

  • Windows: At the beginning of this month we have provided the 32-bit testing packages for Windows. The 64-bit Windows builds turned to be a bit tricky, but last week I have managed to resolve all issues with them. So now the Sound Layer feature is also available with 64-bit Windows packages.
    You can get them here - http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/download/development. So, the support for this is complete now.

  • Mac OSX: I have managed to compile version with Sound Layer feature, but we have encountered a nasty bug, which makes Synfig randomly freeze during the playback. After some investigation I have found that it is possible to trigger the bug if you move the mouse cursor from Playback Button to Timebar and back. Sometimes it is required to do that several times, but it’s quite easy to trigger. Further investigation revealed that the bug probably not related to the Sound Layer feature - it looks like upgrade of some dependent library lead to such behavior. Right now I am continue with investigation, no new packages are published by now.

  • Linux: No packages with Sound Layer feature available for the moment, but Linux users can compile code from this branch - github.com/morevnaproject/synfig/commits/mlt

Well, that’s all for today. Stay tuned till the next report! Bye!

building it on my osx :slight_smile: Thanks everyone involved !

built and works :slight_smile:

it fixed the build issue I had.

Wow! I didn’t expected it to work on OSX that easily. Thank you for reporting! :slight_smile: