Konstantin's weekly report #30

Hello everyone! This is my last development report in February.

Ivan have finished his work on improving the internals of Synfig (see my previous report for details about that).
You can see the results published in this branch (although there are not much commits there, each one of them is pretty huge).
Now his changes are going for initial testing and then (if everything will be well) we plan to merge them into master branch as soon as possible.
This work took a long time, but its completion will allow us to (properly) fix the long-due bug of multi-bone influence, and this fix opens the possibility to implement the function of automatic linking shapes to the skeleton with consideration of bone influence radius.

Meanwhile, I have prepared the development snapshots of Synfig with all the latest improvements for the last months.
Namely, the main additions to highlight:

Grab the download package for your OS here - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development
Please remember, that those packages are not stable, so use them at your own risk.

What else?
Well, our fundraising campaign for next month gets close to its deadline.
For this moment we have less than 10% of funds collected and only 5 days to go.
I can’t say that the goal is unreachable, but in this situation it’s quite possible that the campaign will fail and the full-time development of Synfig will be terminated.

Though, we still have a few days to bring you something cool, so stay tuned and see you in my next report!

Hope you remember about the issue I have faced payment issue on paypal side.

Could you please send a mail to paypal for me? I was trying to contribute the campaign since last December but failed due to problem in paypal system. Already I sent mail to them but they sent me only auto-response mails & template replies. No solution or proper answers. Though I did send them more than bunch of mails, still no use. I even told them that I’m gonna remove my paypal account(anyway, I’m gonna do that later) if no solution from them, but still no reply from them as they have millions of customers already. 2 months gone but no proper response or solution from them :angry: :imp:

I wish there’s alternative for paypal.

This is the reference no for my paypal ticket - KMM113092101V44636L0KM

Don’t forget to link this thread in your mail.

Thank you.

Hello, thatraja!
I am not sure what is exact problem about your paypal account. Is it about passing verification? - Fundraising emergency!

No, Verification done. Even paypal team didn’t give me any details regarding this issue. They said that they have to check their technical team. But they took around 2 months & no replies for me. I asked them in all way except begging. Even today I sent the mail with text “Reminder” but still no response. The reason is they have millions of customers so they don’t want to bother about this issue.

Sorry, I didn’t get it - what’s exactly your issue?

I can’t transfer money though my account is verified one, there’s no limit & my card is valid. I asked paypal for the reason but still no solution from them. Worst support from them. In old thread, you could find the error message.

This is sad indeed. Paypal can be a hard to deal with sometimes.