Konstantin's weekly report #26

Hello, everyone!

A quick report of improvements made by Ivan:

  • Changes to edited images are saved now
  • Basic implementation of Undo functionality (still crashes at certain condition, though)
  • A new layer type: Switch Group. It groups layers together, but only one layer is displayed. The displayed layer is chosen by name. If there are several layers with the same name in the Switch Group, then only topmost one is displayed.

You can watch this changes illustrated in this video: youtu.be/8NnMMbcXfxE

The current status of Frame-by-frame feature development is reflected in the approximate roadmap here: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Roadmap … 8bitmap%29
Generally we have all fundamental pieces in place and concept looks pretty solid. Right now we’re in hurry to deliver to you most of this roadmap until the end of the month.

Our fundraising campaign have 5 days until the deadline. We have crossed the 50% line, but it’s still a way to go. The “Choose Priority” perk remains unclaimed yet, so there’s still a chance to grab one (or something else) if you want.

One more event of the last week to mention: I was happy to receive a hardware donation from a small studio of Novosibirsk (a city 500km from here). The donation turned to be a new workstation with the following configuration: CPU Intel i7 2600K (8 x 3.4GHz), 16 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD + 2 x 3TB HDD, NVidia GTX 560 Ti.
I am sure this little beast will make maintaining of Synfig for different platforms a lot easier. ^___^

That’s all for today, till the next time!

Hell yeah! Wihoo! :mrgreen: :laughing:
This is amazing news! This feature will be a tremendous help in cut-out animation.

Fantastic implementation!
Would it be possible to have other interface to make one layer visible in the Swith Group? Something like a contextual menu in the Switch Group to select the layer to show.

Cheers for the switch group layer! :smiley: Been waiting ages for that one to get implemented.
Oh, and I want that hardware donation, lol.

Compiled debug version for Windows 32.

This is a list of first bugs that I’ve found. I understand that they are due to the early implementation of the feature:

  1. Image layers created based on action “Simple Copy” aren’t saved (can’t be load later).
  2. Brush strokes are placed on layer after being transformed and not before. Let me explain. Imagine that you want to translate the Group Switch using the transformation widget. Later when you paint on the shape the stroke is offset the same amount than the origin of transformation. Same happen with rotate, scale and skew.
  3. Crash when painting #1
    a) Import image > Group switch created.
    b) Displace the origin of the Group to be origin on the left side part of the screen.
    c) Click the Brush tool and start a stroke just over the horizontal scale handle. Crash.

Program: C:\cygwin\usr\i686-w64-mingw32\sys-root\mingw\bin\synfigstudio.exe
File: actions/layerpaint.cpp, Line 124

Expression: prevSameLayer == NULL || prevSameLayer->applied
synfig(5060) [12:45:39] error: 40 action params not yet deleted!
synfig(5060) [12:45:39] error: 2 canvases not yet deleted!
synfig(5060) [12:45:39] error: 2 layers not yet deleted!

  1. Crash painting #2
    a) Import image >Group switch created
    b) Select Brush tool
    c) Paint anywhere
    d) Undo the paint
    e) Paint anywhere > Crash (same message above)

  2. Simple click with the Brush tool produces an history entry but not a stroke (if you click outside the image it is not expanded)

  3. Start painting from outside the current image boundaries produce larger strokes than user did. This is due to that the image is enlarged with the first brush movement and then the relative coordinates of the brush has been changed abruptly.

  4. Files saved with sfg extension can’t be re-saved if painted over the image. It crashes.

another great results and congrats for the massive fundraising work you do konstantin !

nota : youtube’s synfig related video is growing each days…