Knee bending with bones

Dear Synfig community,

 I am trying to make animations for a game.  It's a side scrolling action game.  So far, I have punching and kicking animations, and they look great.  I would next like to make a ducking animation.  However, I'm trying to figure out how to have my character bend at the knee, so the rest of his body sinks down, but his feet stay flat on the ground.  I'm using bones for this project.  Thank you!

The sifz: … 8714338446

 Sincerely, KetoAnimations

Your scene file is missing some png’s. I think it’s better to save to sfg container file or include the png’s seperately. At this time the bone system in Synfig does not include inverse kinematics yet so you have to set the animations of the bones by hand one by one to get the effect you want instead of just move the body and watch the knees bend automatically. There is a template that can be used stand alone or as a plugin that allows the use of IK. The plug in can be found here: Alternatively you can use thick outlines (advanced or not) to represent certain body parts and link the vertex together.