Keyframe list get unordored ?

Hello keyframer,

Is that result correct ?

1- start synfig
2- go to time 1s , add keyframe
3- go to 2s , add keyframe
—interlude : list is ordered by time hitting time colomn label , a triangle pointing bottom
4- change keyframe at 0s to 1f
5- change keyframe at 2s to 0s

tadam … the keyframe list is unordored : 0s 1s 1f …

NOTA : a segfault is fired at step 4 (because prev frame do no exist) , but that “other things” … i a have test != 0 for that … commng soon i think.


Yes, I have a screenshot of that somewhere. Please open a ticket but verify first that it isn’t opened yet.
-G … issues/481