Keyframe crash

Well, looks like I’ve got the “Keyframe Crash Kiss Of Death” on my system ( Ubuntu Studio 13.10 ) ( Synfig 0.64.0). Anytime I try to do anything at all in the keyframe window Synfig goes bye-bye.

Synfig was working fine until today when I added some packages -

Downloaded Papagayo 2.0 beta source code to help me with lipsynching.

In order to get Papagayo running I had to run it from inside QT 5.2.1 so I installed that with no problems. When I tried to build and run Papagayo I got some errors so I had to install the following two packages -

  • mesa-common-dev to get past the “cannot find dl.h” error
  • libgl1-mesa-dev to get past the “cannot find -IGL error”.

I got Papagayo to run, loaded up my .wav file and got the info I needed for placing the keyframes at the correct points for lip synching.

Started up Synfig and now I’ve got the keyframe crash.

So basically Synfig is now useless and I’d really like not to have to reinstall my system from scratch to get it working again.

Does anyone have a work around, or if not, can anyone tell me how to remove the two -dev packages I installed to try and get it working again?


I guess you can give a try for the development version, it’s installed out of the box. its main problem to me is the Link to spline bug, but you can temporarily live without it till the next stable release.

for Papagayo I had bad experience with building it, but the windows version works fine under Wine.

The development version works great! I don’t need to follow a spline right now so that’s no issue for me, the keyframes work perfectly and I really like the single-frame layout! Thanks!