ken burns effect

I have yet to find an explanation of how the video offered on wikipedia under the ken burns effect was made. The person used synfig studio and all of the available instructional videos are very good but do not help me in this effect. Link me to an explanation or explain. I did search yesterday these forums with the keywords ken burns but turned up nothing.

Thanks in advance

I don’t think we have any existing tutorials on this ‘effect’.

The quick summary -
Import a photo
Add translation and/or zoom layers to taste

A full tutorial would take much longer to write up, but I might have a go at it this weekend, if the kids let me :slight_smile:

WOW!! All because I asked? Thank you very much. Now this is a forum I could get used to :wink:

We aim to please!
Have you played with Synfig much? How much am I going to need to spell out?
It may be simpler just to do it as a webcast…

My knowledge is limited with synfig (I am darn good with gimp though). There are some similarities with gimp so hopefully it will not be too hard for me. I believe video might be good. Is it possible for you to post (or send) a video of higher quality than what many screencasts have? The low resolution can lead to eye strain as I look about an inch from my screen :slight_smile:. I use linux, I add this just in case there are any differences that need to be addressed.

Please do not think I am being demanding, I will take what ever you give me. I ask just to see if it is possible. Thank you very much for your help.