Just joined the forum, can't wait for an opportunity to help

Greeting all!

I just joined the forum.

I finally figured out how to effectively use Synfig for the most part, and decided to do my best to contribute. I am a web developer and graphic designer. I tried programming software once, but apparently my brain doesn’t like the think that hard, haha. The one thing that I did notice is in the wiki there are some grammar errors; it’s no big deal and could be easily fixed.

Synfig is great so far, my favorite part is not having to worry about buying the newest version of software every time the developers add something.

Thank you Synfig team!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Slulego, welcome here and there in the wiki, where you can fix all the grammar errors you want / can … more the doc’ is clean better it’s !

Thank you both for the warm welcome!

I have already created an account for the wiki, and fixed a few noticeable errors. Maybe after I learn more about Synfig I will add my own tutorials and such. :stuck_out_tongue: