Just Discovered Synfig Tonight

While I was updating more information from the Toon Boom Studio blogs I came across one of the users of TBS who had a link to Synfig. I am still not up on TBS or any other animation software and have felt most akin to using a standard 2D approach with my animation disk. However, there are many programs that cost enough to drive one nuts and finding out the learning curve is more than an artist can take. So, I have lost a lot of time spinning my marbles in my head hoping I may find a suitable approach to using the computer to aid in my quest to animate with cleaner and sharper drawings. I have a lot to learn on vector animation but hope I can get a bouncing ball going before I give up. I am interested in PAP and Digicel Flipbook and TBS and even Pencil 2D (which is still a possibility) and now Synfig I am curious to see if that is all I need to use without having to worry about Inkscape or any other photoshop type software. If I can do drawing and animating all with Synfig then I may find myself a happy animator enthusiast.

New student, Nick.

Hi seaweedcircus,
Usually a featured animation is not produced by just one single program. Maybe one of the toonboon products can be a “all in one” but IMHO it is better use specialized programs for each task.
Regarding to Synfig workflow you can take a look to how morevna project is performed. They use pencil for rough keyframes and timing of animatic, synfig for tracing and animation and blender for video edition. Also the use Krita or Gimp for refine keyframes or apply shadows to keyframes.
Finally there is one thing most of the time not visible but very important: the community. Although synfig is a small community it is very friendly and helpful, which sometimes is more than a feature.


Welcome to the forum, seaweedcircus! And as for friendly people, Genete in particular is easily one of the top five friendliest people on the internet ever, so you’ve come to the right place.


Thanks for the replies. I know it has been quite a while for me to blog. Right now I am studying storyboarding and layout techniques for a finished script and soundtrack I previously finished. I also notice that there are a few OEM animation software programs available online. Along with the economic “depression” it seems most of us are being directed to use more of our scruples to be creative. I am also getting more accomplished after getting my feet in the Photoshop trenches.

To all the artists have a cheerful experience animating!

Nick at Seaweed Circus.