just a small suggestion (if it doesn't exist all ready)

Hello. I’ve been using synfig for a while now, say almost a year? I’ve been having some fun with it. The more i mess around it, the more I learn how to use it. I still don’t know everything about it, so don’t kill me if this already exists.

You know the rulers on the canvas that you can create guides from (those blue lines)? I often use those for vanishing points when making scenery. But it does not go diagonally. I know i could make a temporary line for that, and with more guides to make sure the line is straight. But how about making them being able to rotate by holding down a button?

Either that or make a new tool for vanishing point, sorta like how the sketch tool is done? You know…have them temporary and able to toggle it on and off.

I’m not complaining! I’m just trying to help out with improvements!

Make your drawing straight, then tilt that.

I often import my sketches before I start making the scenery with the vanishing pointon the sketch. They are decent looking for the most part, but they never come out straight because pencil doesn’t have any guides so I often do it by eye, which never come out %100 straight. The idea behind the temporary diagnal guide, and tools is to get it 100 percent straight while using the sketch for a templet. Of course I could make a temporary straight line for that act as a guide, or straight edge that connects to the vanishing point, but I just wanted to save some time. :wink:

I also think diagonal guides are very handy - I like Inkscape’s system where each guide has a x,y co-ordinate and an angle.

If you look at the Tyne Tees animation I did recently, I did the diagonal warps by drawing temporary shapes to use as guides - diagonal guides would have been much easier.

I’ve thought about inclined guides several times but never had time to implement them.

Yes, I always feel really guilty about suggesting things for Synfig because I’m volunteering other people - particularly you - to do the actual work!

Don’t worry, I’m used to receive many feature request. :mrgreen:
In any case, it is better to share improvement ideas with the rest of community instead of keep them to your self.
Many times, an inocent comment on a forum post could light my interest on code it because it helps to find a correct way to fix/implement an ancient willing or simply it highlights how easy is to fix one bug and how much annoying it is.
What is really important is that once the feature is being implemented, the requester still around to feedback about the implementation and its side effects. That’s what really makes a coder team obtain results.


I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. :wink:

I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. :wink: