just a little favor =p

hi, sorry again for bother you, but i need to have a gear-like shape i made in Inkscape imported into synfig, i was going to build the version in the GIT repository, but i’m actually working pretty fine with this release until the new arrives, as you can appreciate i’m working on a new version of my current avatar, and i need the gears for some of the ‘mechanical’ parts:

this is the gear file:gear.zip (1.42 KB)
every time i try to import it, it makes Synfig crash, i have version 0.62.00 and i’m unsure if i have the svg import support (perhaps i don’t)

thank you in advance

I’ll try to import to synfig when I arrive my PC. Meanwhile:

Have you opened it on Inkscape and saved it as Plain SVG before import it to Synfig Studio?
Windows? If so, do you have the latest version?
Linux? what’s the console message? Which is your linux version?
I’ve tried it on the local windows version I have and it crash too when open the file. But this windows version does import simple files too.
I’ve imported gears from Inkscape previously without problem with version 0.62.00 in lunux just saving it to Plain SVG before import.

Linux Ubuntu Studio 9.10, and yes, it is saved as plain SVG, not Inkscape SVG and can be opened back in Inkscape again, also is a shape entirely traced, not a brush/path effect. also the thumbnail showing the preview of the gear and image viewers capable of displaying the content gives the idea that there is nothing apparently wrong with the file, this is the output in terminal every time i import it:

synfig(2941) [08:11:08 AM] info: Attempting to import /home/h13n-h3n/Desktop/stage/gear.svg don't supported: m don't supported: 367.5379 don't supported: , don't supported: 194.09297 don't supported: c don't supported: 0 don't supported: , don't supported: 0 don't supported: -1.81585 don't supported: , don't supported: -3.88567 don't supported: -0.28114 don't supported: , don't supported: -11.49447 don't supported: 2.95443 don't supported: , don't supported: -1.22261 don't supported: 6.00331 don't supported: , don't supported: -2.21692 don't supported: 9.11049 don't supported: , don't supported: -2.97115 don't supported: 5.72538 don't supported: , don't supported: 5.2411 don't supported: 6.54944 don't supported: , don't supported: 9.45022 don't supported: 6.54944 don't supported: , don't supported: 9.45022 Segmentation fault

thank you again for your help =)

I was able to open the svg in Synfig 0.62.0 under Windows… Here’s the resulting sifz file. I’m wondering if there’s an issue with the XML parser that your version of Synfig is compiled with?

gear.sifz (5.74 KB)

provably it is, the version i have of Synfig Studio is an official build from Ubuntu Repositories, and i think of it as an early package of version 0.62.00, i thought on build the version from the git repository but i’m always finding myself stuck in many simple tasks, not for mention that i will provably have to get a new version of ETL which i’m not sure if will be updated from my repositories in first place, and well, i want to do all this with the new version rater than struggle with the bugfixed from the git =p

thankyou for the conversion

=D thanks for the help, it’s finally done
The only downside is that most of the quality is lost because not all sites alllow more than 100 kbs of animated avatars or resolutions higher than 100x100, here is a better version of my final animation: http://hienhen.deviantart.com/art/My-New-Avatar-157573393

would you please clarify how did you finally fix the SVG import?

The particular error above was produced frequently by the old SVG parser. I believe that I fixed it in my updated version.

Actually… i didn’t XD, pixelgeek could import and save the gear-like shape in a sifz file, which i used for finishing my animation, but as Nikitakit says, it might be due to the old SVG parser, and i agree since i haven’t build Synfig in this release, just installed it from my repos.


Same problem here I guess. I run 0.62.00 on windows XP and cannot import the attached (plain) svg file.
Is there any way to (easily) update the SVG parser?.. (maybe an updated libmod_svg.dll file?) or could you (pretty) please provide a fixed Synfig build?

This is pretty important to me as I got a huge set of resources in svg (or eps -> svg -> synfig) which I would like to reuse in Synfig.