June' 10 - four leg walk cycle...

Sorry, but I had to get control of this oversight…

You can use video references or some of the material around at internet…

Or just make your own, formal, silly, funny, fancy or impossible… Let’s make the dog walk!

Hi guys. Honestly, I prefer Genete’s cat to my horse (Dec. '07). Anyway, here it is:
It could be better, but I’ll be very busy the next weeks, so I show it to you now.

Hey Rafael, It looks very well, specially considering how difficult is to achieve a 4 leg walk cycle!
If I have time I’ll try to reproduce one of the examples of the chart of the first post.

Here is my crazy dog walk cycle. :smiley:

Dog.sifz (13 KB)

Ha ha, it is really crazy dog! Funny! :slight_smile:

Hey, why don’t you use books “Horses and Other Animals in Motion” and “Human Figure in Motion”?

Based on the first walk cycle from the first post I did this one in a quick and dirty way. But see how effective it is!
I hope you find useful the file.
4leg-walk.zip (163 KB)

Since I give constructive criticism, feel free to “retaliate” with my work on http://polykarbonbbs.com/ :wink:

I’m going to post my really bad walk cycle later today.


Looks good. Warning, constructive criticism follows:

For a reference for next time, here is a horse walking cycle. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/files/2009/01/horse-walking600.jpg and http://nicholnl.wcp.muohio.edu/DingosBreakfastClub/BioMech/BioMechGaits.html
A horses hind legs are “kind of” the inverse at the “knee” of what you would think. A “knee” is more of a colloquial term, anyway.

Nice. The animation is smooth. Warning, constructive criticism follows:
For future reference, you may want to look at the feet of a dog depending on how cartoony you want it to look. For example: http://walkingollie.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/dog_skeleton.jpg

Made me smile. Very cartoony. Will there be more of this character?

I know. I realized when I finished the animation.
But I would not have time to fix it,so I left it as that.
Thanks for your advice.

@Genete: I like your dog. It moves very smoothly.

@Darkspace_be: Ha, ha, it’s very funny.

Here is my second dog using the keyframes which Genete provided on the character sheet in the beginning of this thread.
Did not get any render bugs, but ofcourse that does not mean that it does not exist. Maybe I am just lucky, lol.


Youtube messed up the first upload.
Here is a working link.


Nice work. :smiley:

Darkspace_be, looks awesome!
If you don’t mind, could it be possible to share the sifz file? It can help others to understand the principles of Synfig (keyframes)

Thanks Genete, but I did not have to do much. Half of the work lays in creating good keyframes and you provided them and Synfig did a good joob with the inbetweens. I hardly had to change or correct anything and any possible errors are hard to spot because of the speed of the animation. But the result is kind of cool. Now lets see if I can add a moving background, lol. :wink:
Dogrun.rar (79 KB)

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: