John K's views as an inspiration for Synfig

You know John K., right? The Ren & Stimpy guy. Well, he was an early Flash animator, but hated it. Now he extolls the virtues of ToonBoom products and Harmony in particular.
They even leverage his opinions in their marketing: … -johnk.pdf … mpsons.flv

He likes to explain how he does things and what are the strong and weak points of tools like Harmony.
Here are all his blog posts about Harmony (not all contain technical analysis):

John K. is extremely knowledgeable about real cartoon animation, distinctly different from lifeless saturday morning crap. I think studying his views could benefit the development of Synfig. He also has a big following and many of his readers/blog students do not afford Toon Boom software. I think it would be cool, if the Synfig people could somehow make them aware of this open source option and they could bring all their cartoon know-how to help boost development with feedback and that sort of thing.

Thanks for the link, it’s always good to see some cool animator work.
However, I wouldn’t say Toon-boom is a good reference for an animation software.
From my point of view, toon-boom (and previously Flash) is actually the cause for what you call “lifeless saturday morning crap”, as they are missing the good drawing tools necessary to draw good animation… the few commercial animation software I’ve seen producing good results are Retas (99,9% of asian anime are done with it, awesome unique vector inking tools)) and TVPaint (more traditional-like renders, raster based).

Even John K. on his last blog entry, complains he never found a good drawing software. I bet he never tried those …

Anyway it’s always good to spread the word about Synfig to any animation community. Go Synfig! :slight_smile:

Well he seems pretty happy, if you look at the quotes below! In his last post he wasn’t complaining about Toon Boom, but Illustrator and Photoshop. I’m of course not saying “use Toon Boom as a total reference”, but note its strong areas. And I’m not a pro 2D-guy so that’s why I’m hoping Synfig could get some cartoon braindrain from those blog-disciples to provide constant feedback and testing. … rmony.html