jerky scrolling text


I get very jerky scrolling text even at 120 fps.
(Im trying to scroll some text across the screen in 2secs.)
Ill attach a simple eg.

Yes, text is a complex shape, and they’re bunched up so it exagerates the jerkiness… but Im wondering if we move a video camera (in life) over the lines in a book, it wont be jerky…
Im wondering whats the difference ?

I tried supersampling, motion blur, blurs – not too helpful.
(one thing that did help is “dithering” adding a noise distort layer and setting the “animated” setting on for the noise layer)

Next step Im thinking about ramping up to very high frame rate and compressing the hell out of the video… because the human eye wont pick up the small details at 200fps)

200fps seems ridiculous though, any other tips ?
scrolling-text.sifz (1.45 KB)

I’ve noticed the same issue when trying to do vertical scrolling texts before (for credits). Sincerely I have not idea what’s the reason of that bug and when I diggid it probably I haven’t enough knowledge (what doesn’t mean I have so much more) but you can try some things:

  1. Try to scroll it using the Paste Canvas origin instead of the Origin of the text.
  2. Alternatively use a Translate Layer over the scrolling text to move.

I think it is related to the way how the text is rendered based on the glyphs and the offset it does form the origin. Some wrong calculation is being taken there. Using external translator parameter might fix it.


Thanks G,

Tried that but its not that… (I dont think its a bug, its just the nature of how much and often the text it moving)

I got it to work really smooth like this:

  1. just do it slowly across the screen where it is very smooth
    (8 seconds was a good value @30fps)

  2. in the editing software work out the math (ie to make it 2 sec instead of 8 ), keep all the frames from the synfig output, but just play it at a much higher frame rate (eg 120fps)

very smooth, size is not an issue because you can comress it by even 80% and the human eye wont notice the imperfections at 120fps :wink:

This technique can of course be used for anything not just text, for very smooth animation…