Jerk in text motion after rendering



I am new to Synfig. First of all, I would like to thanks developpers for this great free soft.

Here is my problem. I created an animation with a translating text. Everything looks right when I play the clip in Synfig. But after rendering, characters are moving “jerky”, the one after the other. How to get a smooth motion ? The problem also occurs when I associate a scale layer to this text : characters are growing in a “blubbing” instead or growing smoothly. However, in the last case, the problem already appears before rendering.

Thank you for your help.


Hello, has anyone had this problem before ?


To be honest, Synfig doesn’t handle text layer well. Before 1.2.2 it did not even support proper UTF-8 so you would stuck with English only.

What version of Synfig are you using? If you use current stable or development, try 1.0.2 to see if there’s a regression in newer versions.


Thank you Svarov.

I’m using the 1.2.1 version. I’ve tried to purchased the 1.0.2 via, however this link redirects me to fosshub where the only available version is the 1.2.1.

But as you said, it may probably not solve my problem…


Yeah, seems developers removed the 1.0.2 version from fosshub…
Additionally, I can suggest using an Inkscape to make a text you need, then export it as png and finally animate it using Synfig. Not amazing solution, but should produce an acceptable result.


Okay, I was thinking about something similar, namely using Gimp to create text and export it in png before importing in Synfig. I didn’t know Inkscape but I may try this soft too. Thank you for your helb.


We can still find old versions on Sourceforge (until 1.2.2 included) :wink:


Thank you BobSynfig, I have installed the 1.0.2 version. However my text is still jerking after rendering. I will use an alternative solution.

Happy new year !