Hello. I’m an Android programmer and I want to use Synfig to create animations for my games.
I’m really new to Synfig and I still need to watch more tutorials and to practice more.

But I was searching and I can’t find any solution for my problem.
In my next game, player will control a box character and he needs to avoid obstacles.
I want to make a jump effect. Shrink the box a little to gain speed for the jump and them expand it when it jumps.
I don’t know how to describe better this movement. Something like a Jelly effect.

This can be done with Synfig? (ofc it can, I just don’t know how).

There is a way I can convert my image to vector (or import the vector directly from Inkscape) and change it frame-by-frame?
Or create the final stage in Inkscape and import both images and magically convert the first image to the second one?

I know I still need to learn more. I just need directions here. Is it possible, and what should I search and learn.

Thank you. I apologize for my poor English.

It’s simple to make jelly effect, just use warp layer, i think it is the best option.
When you have your group with character right click => new layer => distortions => warp layer.

example.sifz (9.81 KB)

I don’t know if you can import image from inkscape. It depends which format files can import your program.

I hope i helped a little bit :wink:

Thanks Majkel, this was what I was looking for!

I was searching and Inkscape can save in Synfig format. Very nice feature.
But I need to make a workaround every time I import the file. Not a big problem tough.

Thank you for you help!