Jasper Corneal Sequestrum


I’m quite new to the forum still, but I finally published my first work for a charity. Synfig is, of course, credited in the youtube description of the video.

You can either see it in the fb post where it’s been published
facebook.com/lawrence.veter … 8382378784

or directly in youtube

Of course, I’d like you to watch the whole video, but if you’re not fussed about pets, vets and charities and just want to see the animation, you can go directly to 2:30 to 4:45 in the video, where my little project starts.
Oh! I forgot, the presentation at the beggining and the credits at the end are also done with syinfig.

I hope you like it.


PS. Don’t forget to give us a penny for Jasper :wink:

Great work!

Not sure if guys have seen it, but this is my finished work about Jasper.

It is a combination of 3 youtube videos and about how I took part on helping the cat Jasper getting rehomed.
If you do have 17 minutes and want to watch the whole thing, click here:


Basically, all animations added: titles, backgrounds, credits, pop-ups circles, pop-ups character presentation and even the ‘cat-stopwatch’ in the second video are all synfig animations.

If you don’t have the time, the first video will show most of these anyway and it is only 1 min long.
I wonder if you guys know why at the beginning of my second vid, the frames are not smooth? Is it because I processed them too many times or is it the wrong ‘bitrate’ thingy?


Now my next project: I’m going to try to explain how we ‘spay’ a female cat. That’s gonna be tough!


:smiley: thanks!