January Challenge - "Hello, Delilah!"

In one of my more surreal moments, I found my self wondering that if a Simple Snow-coloured T-Shirt said “Hello, Delilah”*, what could other T-Shirts say?

So, just for grins (no prizes, just hordes of visitors admiring your sense of humour and leet Synfig skillz), if you started with this file, what can you come up with? **

Maybe something like:-


Post away!

  • Actual voices in my head modified for copyright reasons :slight_smile: It’s been a huge hit in the UK & US, but if you don’t get the reference see this video

** You may want to run any resulting gif animations through imagemagick to eliminate duplicate frames to save file size. I found convert TShirt.gif -fuzz 30000 -coalesce -layers RemoveDups TShirt1.gif to work quite well.

'll entry… :smiley:
I have one Delilah’s phrase on mind! :smiley:


Here is my entry!



Great stuff!
I think you washed it with a red shirt, Genete!

Keep 'em coming everyone!

I’ll make an entry too, here it comes

Cool fish ulrik!
(lol it is green! :smiley:)

Love it Ulrik!

C’mon you people watching from the sidelines - there must be some more great ideas out there. Don’t get hung up on the cleanliness of the shirts!

One more! :wink:

I’ll see yours and raise you one!

(This thread is getting very gory, isn’t it?)

Hehe…beautiful pxegeek! I like when the worm is watching me and is just on it’s way to attack when the T-shirt turns around and saves me from a sure death…puh …(don’t ever trust friendly looking worms, they will fool you)

Here is my entry:

Yes, it is lame I know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the size doesn’t show that there are a huge number of blines in that image.

And I have to review genete’s patch!

I also blogged about it, so it will be on advogato and planet Debian:

bonedaddy.net/pabs3/log/2008/01/ … challenge/