Issue installing Synfig 1.01 in Ubuntu 14.04.2

Hi guys, i’m a newbie in Synfig Studio, i found it in Windows 7, in Synfig 1.0 version, so, i put Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS in my computer and trying to install the program, but only can do it with 0.64 version, and this version can’t import truly Inkscape *SVG. How can i do install 1.0 version or update this 0.64 Synfig version in my Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS? My system is 64 bits.

Hello and welcome here,

Thank’s for the interest you port to synfig. The synfig 1.0 is still not in ubuntu repositories, you need to install it manually from the official package. Check the download section from website.

Is there a way to add the repositories?

It is a bit complicated to update versions in official repositories (requests, validations…)
A more simple way would be to use a ppa
But anyway, a simple download and a double-click on the .deb is not so much complicated :wink:

Yep not complicated to click and install … but that’s loose the great system of auto-update … bob, you think you could setup a ppa for synfig ?