Is time remapping possible?

I have made a simple animation that lasts 2 seconds at 24 fps. I now want to change that animation so that it lasts 36 frames in one render and 14 frames in another render. Is it possible to do time remapping from the render settings or do I have to manually change the animation each time?

I know that in Blender there is a time remapping function that can do this in render settings. Does Synfig have something similar?

If you have only one keyframe at start (probably) and only one at end it is fairly simple:

  1. Drag the last keyframe to the end of new project time. If the new project time is bigger do step two first.
  2. Change your project duration to the new number of frames.

All the waypoints in between will be remapped (rescaled) according to the new two keyframes positions.

If you have more keyframes in between you have to move them manually to the rescaled place.

Alternatively you can group all the animation and use the speed parameter to speed up and down the animation inside. If speed parameter is not available you can convert the time offset to linear and scale its increment value by the proper number to expand or contract the time.

In short: For any group set its “speed” to “0” and then animate “Time offset” parameter. :slight_smile:

If at frame 0 the “Time offset”=0 and at frame “10” the “Time offset”=20, then your animation will be played twice faster from 0 to 10 and then freeze.

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