Is this a reasonable request?

I haven’t posted in a while, but now I’m back!

To make a feature request!

I know, I know, “NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!” but if you enjoy watching someone whine like a baby, please continue.

[size=150]I want Synfig to export to vector format.[/size]

I know it may not be high on the list of priorities, because vectors can look computerized, flat,



Vectors preserve image quality and make Synfig more valuable in a pipeline of other programs where you can safely apply all kinds of raster effects and treatments to make them look EXCITING!

Vectors scale perfectly, look ugly, Rasters scale poorly, look pretty. Win lose.

Vectors with Raster special effects scale perfectly, look pretty! Win win.

And you can export the final result to any resolution with no loss in quality. SD? HD? SUPER HD? SUPER SUPER HD? No problemo! Thanks to the power of VECTORS.

I think Synfig has the best vector shape tweening technology in the world. Unfortunately, Synfig’s raster effects are kinda bleuaeugh, so I’d like to take those Synfig vectors to a fancier raster effects processing program for a celebrity style makeover.

And that’s it. That’s my number one feature request. The number one reason I’ve hesitated to commit to Synfig. And the number one reason I now commit to Synfig to make that feature request come true. It’s good to have goals. That’s my goal.

So here’s some artwork, because I sure as hell can’t code:


Vectors with Raster Effects:


Vectors with Raster Effects:

For all I know adding vector export capability might require an army of programmers, but I’ll do my part to spread the faith and help grow the community by contributing artwork, video tutorials and whatever.

Hey Darth! welcome back! :slight_smile:
Of course it is a reasonable request! Before enter on cry about the lack of developers the small amount of time I have, my lack of knowledge… etc. etc., I would like to understand your statement:

What do you mean exactly? Are they too much complicated, render too slow? have poor quality? are so few? There is some kind of raster effect or filter you can’t do with Synfig?

When you say that they are “kinda bleuaeugh” and so you want to have vector export habilities, I understand that you want to have vector export only (without raster effects). But there is something I still don’t understand:

So that is what you basically highlight from Synfig…

But…, you like the vector shape tweening habilities but think that the raster effects are “kinda bleuaeugh” so you want to have vector export abilities to… to import where? and more over, to import stills or animated vector shapes?

Don’t think I’m refusing the proposal or anything like that. I just want to understand what do you exacltly miss from Synfig and what do you exactly want it to do.

Btw, that girl!!! Please give us a screehshot like that next splash screen contest!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Synfig can export in a vector format - sif! It’s just that no other application can read it :wink:

Hi Genete, I should have focused my discussion on post production instead of limiting it to raster effects. Synfig’s raster effects are actually decent, but I prefer saving that stuff for compositing, using a program like After Effects, where I can apply 3d lights, color correction, etc., using a fully developed multiplane camera system along with a bunch of other post production tools. I mainly want to use Synfig’s shapetweening feature to simulate frame by frame animation, and wish to delay exporting to raster until the last possible stage, since exporting raster to raster to raster, from program to program to program(i.e., animation to compositor to video editor), degrades the footage with each pass.

Time for my pirate impression. HAR!

I’m not sure if export to SVG works (never tried), but did we ever give Ming a go? Might be quite useful, though I’m hoping there would be a better alternative to this.