Is there a way to repeat animated canvases in multiple locations in the timeline?

I have an exported canvas that contains a simple animation. I want this simple animation to be repeated at various time intervals in the main animation

For eg., I have simple movement of a circle that spans 24frames. I need this circle movement to be repeated in vairous places within my timeline that spans 2mins (24602 frames). Is this possible to do this in synfig?


yes using loop tool layer

I tried that. But Time loop repeats forever. I want the exported canvas to start at various points in the main animation & repeat at irregular intervals

Looks like I need to use free time

Thanks for your response anyways

IIRC, there’s a way to make the time loop start and end. I don’t have the program up right now, but these links might be able to help you.

It also depends what you want to do, but there are several tricks. If the loop is a standalone (i.e. nothing else happens while it goes) then you could just render it separately and splice it in using a video editing program.

You could also contain the entire layer inside a group, then turn the group ON or OFF by setting the “amount” to 1 or 0.

For example, if you want a circle to move left then right (back to it’s starting position) and you want this to happen on frame 100, 170, and 200. I would make circle that’s stationary (in the right position), then a 2nd circle that loops every 100 frames, then a third circle that loops every 170 frames. I would turn the stationary circle off at frame 100, and turn the 2nd one on. When the loop is finished, turn it off and put the stationary one back on.

Of course, the drawback is that you’ll quickly pollute your canvas with many identical groups, but it’s a simple workaround that will work if you can’t figure out some of the more confusing features.

Let me know if you didn’t understand that and I’ll try to upload a demo file later.