Is there a Synfig Core Installer?

I am having trouble installing synfig studio because i don’t have the synfig core. my problem is i can only find builds and dev build instructions and i am really confused so i was wondering if the synfig creators could try and make an installer form of the synfig core for clueless people like me. If you have an installer then could you try to send me a link to it. :blush: i really need help.

The installer should install everything needed, including Synfig Core.

Which operating system do you use (Windows, Mac, Linux)? Which installer did you try?

I use windows 7 and then while i try to install it it gets another problem. an error message occurs then says something about the folders? it specifically says: C:\ program files\synfig\bin\magickwand-config. it gives me the options to abort the installation, retry, and ignore the message. if i ignore the message it will keep saying the same thing about different files, if i try to retry it wont work. i have the uninstall option but i cannot go any further through the installation. if i ignore all of the options to ignore then it wont work because it is an error about the whole folder. plus i can find a .exe labeled synfig with no icon, when i try to run it it says libsynfig-0.dll is missing. when i navigate the file (which i do find) i dragged it out of the folder it was in and attempted to run it again, i got an error message saying libcairo-2.dll is missing? i really need some help again.