Is it possible to move imported pictures?

Hi there!

I’ve been looking for an animation software where I can import my own graphics and create videos using only said graphics. Thus drawing in the actual program is not an option.

Is Synfig suitable for this or does it only fully support images drawn in the program itself?

I’ve tried importing pictures (.png and .jpg) but they are stuck in the middle of the canvas. The only “duct” that appear is in the upper left corner but I can only use that to change the size or rotate the picture. The duct in the center of the image, which to my knowledge is what you need to move it, does only appear on images drawn in the program. So, is there a way to move imported pictures or are they stuck acting like background images?

I’m sorry if this is explained somewhere, but I’ve been looking for quite some time without finding anything. English isn’t my native language so maybe I missed something… :blush:

Anyways, thanks in advance!


in order to move the image, both “ducts” need to be selected.

Try CTRL + A (to select all) and then try an move the image.


Oh, thanks! That made me notice the tiny little duct down to the right… bad eyesight. Well then, I’m off to experimenting some more :wink:

Might want to try to “Encapsulate” the imported image layer. It will give you a single center duck that can be used to move it around.