Is hand drawn, frame by frame animation possible on Synfig?

This is probably a newb question, but I would like to create frame by frame animations and achieve results that look anime-like. Is there any way that I could do that without making every frame a key frame? In the program Digicell Flipbook that I used last year in my animation 1 class does this, however, it costs a chunk of change, and has no where near as many features Synfig.

Here’s a link to my animation to show you what I’m looking for. (Sorry it’s super cringy and the audio isn’t synced well):

Thank you in advance!

Hi! Synfig Studio is not really for this approach to animate, but try Krita 3,Tupi 2d or Grease Pencil in blender. All of them are great for what you want.

i draw in gimp and import with lst