Irregular flow of the gum...


This is my first test with Synfig …

Nooky Gnuck is born :exclamation: :smiley:

…but why the gum doesn’t drop down regulary after the boom?


Gnuk 01e2noWiewPoint.gif

Hahaha, nice one!

Maybe sharing the sifz file can help us to figure the cause of that. :wink:



Sure is better :wink:

Here is…

Gnuk 01e2noWiewPoint.sifz (13.3 KB)

Well, you have mixed movements of the gum mask with movement of its inline canvas origin and its inline canvas focus point and the bline origin. Just need to erase all the animation and start it over :mrgreen: . There are lots of mixed movements implied (BLine and origin) so the solution is not unique.
Next time just draw the things in the right place from the begining and do not perform inline canvas or origin movements unless you need it specifically.

Mmmmh :question:

There’s something that escapes me…

When I draw a BLine how can I draw it only from a time (eg 3s 6f) and not before this time?

In other words when i draw an object, this obgect is present in all the frames automatically, where I fail?

There’a a tutorial/help for this? :confused:

I’ve haven’t found it.

Gnuk&Gum.sifz (7.18 KB)

Visibility of layers are defined by the “Amount” parameter. Amount=0 invisible; Amount=1 visible. You have to set the interpolation to “Constant” to make it appear instantly. In other case it will appear gradually from the full 0 to the full 1.


I’ve tried to erase the BLines of the dripping effect and redraw them.

Using interpolation now the drip effect is ~ok. :slight_smile:

I’ve drawn the “blob” that drip dawn in the right position and I’ve no changed the origin, why the blob move from a point at the left of the Gnuck?

I have no directly generated a inline canvas, why there’s one?
I have only set the interpolation to constant and after the canvas has appeared…

How can I set the amount (or anoter parameter) of a BLine (eg) selecting more than one keyframe at time?


Gnuk&Gum.sifz (7.75 KB)

False. The origin of the blob that drips is moved. Please select the origin parameter of the “Gum Dripping” layer and look its curve in the Curves dialog. It moves.

Maybe you selected “Encapsulate layers” context menu?

Hehe sure you did something in the middle :wink:

You canot. You can only modify parameters in the current time cursor position.

Ok, now something is more clear.

When I’ve re-drawn the dripping objs I’ve deleted them letting the Inline Canvas that (as you rightly said)
I’ve generated implicitly without knowing (sorry, I’m really newbie :exclamation: )

Yes, to visually group in layers panel the same kind of objs

The problem born if I don’t erase the “Encapsulate Layer” that, when empty, mantain the old settings.
(Maybe for this if I redraw new objs [dripping BLines in this case] in the right position however they moves for prevous settings)

Hehe sure you did something in the middle :wink:
… I think the same… re verify.

:slight_smile: This spurs me to work better :exclamation:

:stuck_out_tongue: Now Nooky Gnuck enjoys good health :exclamation:

Gnuk&Gum.sifz (26.4 KB)

FInnally you got it!!! :smiley: