Invitation for making a Synfig 1.4 promotional video

Hello. We are proposing to create a promotional video for Synfig Studio 1.4.

It would show the differences between 1.2.x and upcoming 1.4.0 version… or just promote its features…

The next stable version, called 1.4, is based on 1.3.x development branch, that has been developed since Jan '17 (3 and a half years!) but many people keeps downloading (for comprehensible reasons) the stable version. So we think it’s time to show and market the news.

The idea is to use Synfig Studio for the video creation.
Thus, it would be also a stability and UX test by the video creators of version 1.4. lol

This video would help ‘marketing’ (to attract new users and developers) and it would be a showcase/ a good vitrine to those that have a bad impression of Synfig (due to old versions – like me in pre 1.x).
The more users, the more use cases, bug reports, and feature proposals…
The more developers, the more help to improve and fix what we have and what we want to have. :wink:

Therefore, better software/UI/UX quality :smiley:

Coincidentally, right after we talked about it, I saw that the LibreOffice design team did something similar :slight_smile:

So, who can help us?
@BobSynfig @ebarranko @Svarov:slight_smile:


Another good example -

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@AnimationBoy @bazza :wink:


What can I at least try to do for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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First, we have to make a list of major new features, that should be highlighted in the video.


Good examples shown here! - Compilation of animations and use of layers in Synfig Studio 2020

So, 1.4.0 was finally released and here are the release notes! \o/
Somebody can help us? :slight_smile:

@KonstantinDmitriev, @Khemardi proposed to change the splash screen. What do you think?


I vote for creative splash screens with each version :smiley:


Nice. Now we need a new splash screen art approved by @KonstantinDmitriev , if he agrees lol

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