Hi all,
my name is William Drayman. I am an author, doing both creative and technical writing. I have been an artist for most of my life, and currently work with Corel Painter 2015, along with all the other usual programs you would expect.
I am moving into animation, as this is my first love, but was initially put off by the cost of everything.
I am also passionate about community and especially communities devoted to developing something simply because they wish to support it.
I guess I get this from playing Eve Online for 6 years, and being involved in the community that practically runs the game for CCP, the company that owns it.
Anyway, I am fascinated by Synfig, and am very excited about the possibilities.
That being said, I am a total noob, so I hope I don’t inconvenience you all with stupid questions.
Yes, I will search diligently for an answer before asking anything. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi William,
precisely, you’re the kind of person we need to take care the most. We would like to turn Synfig Studio into an intuitive application for newbies, so all your stupid questions are very welcome. :wink:
Enjoy the way of discover Synfig!

Hello William and welcome here,

i want to say “intuitive for newbies” and “effective for advanced users” :wink:

Nice to say … do you know about the wiki documentation ?


Thanks for the welcome, guys. Indeed, I have found, and am busy using, the wiki.
I’m working through all the tutorials, and referring back to the manual when stuck.
Synfig is a powerful program, and has awesome potential for what I want to achieve.