Introducing Korbin


Here is the first synfig work I finished. It’s about a slime called Korbin.
I will be producing a series of episodes (10 minutes or longer each) revolving around this character. The first 2 are already written and storyboarded, the first is being developed.

Introducing Korbin

You can find a piece of the other one I’m working on in the unfinished section.

Nice little character, is he whistling? (the mouth move really looks like a whistle)
I like how you faked the lightning strike persistence, by showing it a little after.
Maybe you could have made that strike a little more dramatic, by putting a black background just for a few frames, when the lightning strikes.

Keep the good work :slight_smile:

The mouth movement was supposed to be huffing and puffing, but I think I needed more body movement and slow it down a bit to achieve that effect.