Interpolation fail...

I just added a keyframe to my animation, what i already did before, but somehow the the transition isn’t smooth. The graph view shows that it really isn’t smooth an goes directly in opposite direction. Did i something wrong? Some option that i’m missing/accidently hit?

I added the working file as attachment.
expressions-07.sifz (291 KB)

For some reason the Continuity value of the TCB waypoint was modified to be 2.0 when it should be 0.0 for none effect. Expand the affected vertex, right click the waypoint which is at 50f and select the Edit menu option. In the dialog set the Continuity to 0.0.
Awesome character! wow! If I could just draw 5% of you!!

Thank you very much. This gives me the question what this parameters (Tension, Continuity, Bias, Temporal Tension) are. They seam to affect the interpolation, but which does what exactly?

I don’t know. Just testing will tell you the answer. There is not mode documentation than this: