interface enhancement proposals

I stumbled across some (old) UI for animation links and would like to point out nice things to hopefully inspire Synfig developpers… I’d love to see such some of these tools in Synfig! unfortunately I won’t be able to help on the software side.

  1. the handles of k-sketch, intuitive and usable. It is meant to completely cover the selected object with some transparency.

quick screenshot from … index.html if you don’t wanna look at the video:

  1. the animation trace display of k-sketch. They enable for showing the path an object follows. Great for quick-and-dirty syncing. (video same links as above)

quick screenshot from … index.html

  1. the pin-mode animation of moving-sketch, that allows to select a few “reference points” in a grouped object, move this points and have the object nicely distorted to match the references (pins) positions. (collision is faked here, btw)
    pin mode: … index.html
    multi-pointer: … index.html