Integer String bug

Okay, this is going to be a bit unconventional, so brace yourselves.

I’ve been trying to create a proper “Countdown”, like so:

So here’s how I went about to do it…

Create a Text layer, resize to your liking. Go to the parameters, right-click the “Text” option, and select “Convert > Int String”. This should theoretically turn your text into a variable / value for you to animate. So… Create keyframe at frame 0. Go to Animate mode, go to the last frame. Click the drop-down button on “Text”, and in the “Int” property, change the 0 value to “10”. Hence, new waypoints will be created.

Now check Preview. Theoretically it should go from 0 to 10. But surprisingly, it doesn’t. It glitches; going from 1 to 4 to 7, then immediately 10.

Okay, I found a temporary solution to my own problem here.

When you turn Text to Int String and get a drop-down Int property, turn that Int into Real, getting yet another property. This helps you edit the Real property, but without getting its decimals.

I still don’t know why that happens, though… … /issues/85