Integer skipping steps

Using an Integer String, changing value from 0 o 100 in 100 steps, the value does not change evenly.

In the attached example file (layer Text001 - integer) I’ve converted a text layer text to integer string, set Int value to 0 at fr.0 and 100 at fr.100 with linear waypoints. I expect the value to +1 for every frame I advance but this is not what’s happening. The value stays for 2-3 frames before changing.

If I convert the Int parameter to Real and set that sub-parameter Link to 0 and 100 linear, the displayed text (still Integer) steps nicely with +1 for every frame. (layer Text002 - real>integer)

Is this how integers is supposed to work in Synfig or is it a bug?
integer-string_skip-value.sifz (1.04 KB) … /issues/85

Ah, thanks. You’re bug-genie-fuu skills is invaluable!