installing using fink

I can’t find detailed instructions on installing using fink

I have updated fink and I am trying to use the fink commander on OSX 10.5.8 on my PPC

But I can not find the elt and synfig packages listed on fink.

If they are not listed in the fink database then how can I install them?

I think you need to add the unstable repositories. htodd mentioned that has it on his list to write a ‘how to’ but I don’t know when he’s planning on getting to it.

I am trying to do a whole munch of Fink updates right now and it’s taking hours when there is probably a simple command that could have let me find Synfig in the Fink database.

After all of these updates I am not even sure that Synfig will show up in the Fink database.

The first thing I did was update my fink to the newest version which was relatively easy.

Just typed “fink selfupdate”

After updating to Fink 0.9 then I looked at the database of packages again and Synfig was not there.

I tried typing “fink update all” in the terminal and now it’s been going crazy for almost two hours ¬.¬

Also it should be noted that you have to use the BASH shell.

Mac uses the TCSH shell automatically and most of us are not used to BASH

To switch to the BASH shell you just have to type “bash” in the terminal and then all the fink commands will work.

After almost 12 hours of updates Synfig still does not show up on Fink’s list.

Who said that Synfig is available for Mac osx?

What’s the deal?

Who is in charge here?

I enabled unstable in the fink list and SYNFIG is not on the list

This website says that Synfig is available on mac osx through FINK and it IS NOT!

I have spent all day trying to get this to work!!!

What is the deal?

Please email to the maintainer Hisashi T Fujinaka and read and follow all the instructions.
We cannot fix that because we don’t have a mac machine available.
Double posting complaining for the same thing doesn’t help at all.

I think I have figured out that almost any kind of posting here won’t help at all /: )

I found some more info for anyone who might be helped by it

Once you enable the “unstable packages” in finkCommander and then “selfupdatecvs”

be prepared to wait for a decade for all the building and installing.

I think the sheer TIME it takes for fink to do all the download and install work to get synfig running is the biggest stress.
Mac users are not prepared for this kind of hassle. Be prepared to allow fink to run for days on end installing and downloading and building

Once you can see the synfig files on “finkcommander”
be sure to do this before you install them


And to run it do the following from the command line (from the directory where it was downloaded) BY FIRST TYPING


that will get you into the bash shell

then type

cd ~/downloads

then type

sudo sh ./ create

and then type your user password when prompted.

now you are ready to install the synfig files

be prepared to wait another few days for the installs to finish

at last after days waiting for the installs to complete

restart x11

then type ‘tcsh’ in the xll terminal
then type ‘rehash’
then type ‘bash’
then type ‘synfigstudio’

and the program will start up

everytime you want to start synfig you have to type ‘synfigstudio’ in the x11 terminal window

congratulations! (^_^)/

I have been successful in installing and running synfigstudio on my mac.

If anyone else is having trouble you can shoot them my way.

Thanks, both for perservering, but also for taking the time to document your findings. Hopefully your information will help others from getting frustrated.