Install Synfig after Fink Download


I’m very new to downloading software to my Mac. I believe I have successfully downloaded Synfig to my Mac (OS X 10.7.3) using the Fink option. Excited about getting into Synfig at long last, I was stumped as to how to open the software. I found the Synfig files in Finder and read the INSTALL txt note under Synfig. From my understanding, I need to now do another install (my heart dropped).

I opened a new Terminal session and typed the command ‘cd /sw/share/doc/synfig./configure’ (and various other combinations, as I wasn’t sure if I understood the instruction "The simplest way to compile this package is:

  1. cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type./configure’ to configure the package for your system."

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Marti (so close, but no cigar just yet)

I’m not sure what you did, or what you’re trying to do. The binary should be in /sw/bin.

You may want to join the #fink IRC channel on freenode if you’re really stuck.


I mightn’t have expressed myself clearly in my initial email (created under the distress of not being able to get into this product everyone seems to be raving about).

Once I have downloaded the Synfig files (I used Fink), how do I open up Synfig on my computer?

I’m used to a Windows style click the ‘exe’ file, or better still, an icon amazingly appears on my desktop - I couldn’t find any such thing. All I found amongst the Synfig files was a set of README and INSTALL texts. This lead me to assume I now needed to do something outside of Fink (as the download was complete), hence the email on this forum.


Well, I have no idea what you did. Please outline the steps and your version of OS. Basically you should have installed Xcode, installed fink (follow the steps to install and to edit your .bashrc and possibly enable unstable), “fink selfupdate” and then “fink install synfigstudio”. Then you should open synfigstudio from the terminal by typing “synfigstudio” or /sw/bin/synfigstudio.

There are a lot of gotchas along the way if you’ve never done this sort of thing.

You are nothing short of a Legend! All I had to do was the last step you mentioned by typing in “synfigstudio” into the Terminal. (I wouldn’t have figured that one out by myself - I thought the terminal was only used for downloading, not running/launching the software).

Anyway, now you know of my limited IT capability, you might be seeing a few more posts, but this time in the Animation section

Yippee! Off to my first tutorial