Install problem on opensuse

I installed the available version of synfig studio on the actual opensuse 13.2/64 bit (synfig 0.64.1-3.35) but starting synfig ends with error message of a wrong libsynfig version. How can I correct this problem? When will synfig 1 be available for suse?

Looks like you have two different versions of Synfig Studio installed on the same place. The synfig libraries doesn’t match the same version and so the program aborts. Please be sure that you have completely removed any trace of Synfig before install it again from scratch.

Thanks for the help, I will try that.
Meanwhile I installed the developer version, without unistalling the older version, and it functions perfectly (don´t know if it´s good for newbies but I had no problems with it).

I tried to remove everything of Synfig and install it again but still the same error message so I stay with the develope version.