Insert Item (Smart)

When adding points to an existing shape by “Insert Item (Smart)” a new point is created on that frame and forward. If I go to an earlier frame that point is not there. I have not been able to copy or make that point available on earlier frames.

Is this intended behavior or a bug?
How can I make the new point appear earlier than the frame I created it on?

Ok, as always when I’m asking a question here I figure out the answer myself a few minutes later…

On the vertex in the params list select activepoint “On”.

Hi rylleman,
the Insert Item smart works differently depending if you’re in animation mode or not. (To allow you to understand better it is like you’re in frame 0 in Anime Studio or not). If you are not in animation mode the Insert Item Smart (and the remove Item Smart) would insert/remove it definetively (for all the animation) included its animation waypoints if any.
But if you Insert Item Smart during animation mode you really Insert a new Item, and it is “On” from the frame of insertion and til the end, and “Off” from the frame of insertion to the beggining. Depending on the Keyframes that eventally exists, it can be on or off in other frames.
If you Remove Item Smart in animation mode you don’t remove the item from the list but make it “Off” from that frame and til the end, and leave it as it was from that frame to the past.

Also you can do that by right clicking on an existing vertex, or its correspongind parameter in the parameter panel, and selecting: “Make Active point as On” (or Off depending on its status in that moment).

Also it is good that you inspect the timeline of those Items by expanding the Bline Point list. You’ll see that between an Off and an On “waypoints” (well, they are not waypoints strictly speaking) the timeline is greyed. “On waypoint” has a green vertical line crossing the grey dot and “Off waypoint” has a red similar line.

Finally, between a off and off sequence or viceversa, the blinepoint is not accesible using ducks (only accesible when it is full “on”. In the transition the program calculates an interpolated blinepoint (between the final “on” position and the Off position) but the transition is goberned with an average (default 50%) of the two neighbor blinepoints it has. This average can be modified by the modification of the “amount” parameter inside the blinepoint subparams. 0.0 means the left neigbor and 1.0 means the right neighbor (right or left from the point of view of the bline construction).

It is hard to understand but once you get the idea it is very good for morphing.

Tangents tends to rotate in the wrong way due to a bug that we don’t know how to solve (related with the fact of the 0-360 modulus of the rotations). But it can be solved just by entering the correct value by hand in some places.

I hope you enjoy this awesome (and unkown) feature. :smiley:

PS: setting all bline points “off” produces a render of a small point. It is a bug.


Ability to set active point on of off is extremely useful and powerful! I love it!

In other vector animation softwares I often have a clutter of unused points at places in the animation. This solution is great!