insect-my first simple animation

I am able more few, but it is very interesting and fascinating.

I very much hope that I can study more.

Nice one!

Cute! :slight_smile:

pixelgeek, Genete, thanks. :smiley:
I want to learn, whether correctly I made: created one wing, then animated on KK, then duplicated, then added an Stretch layer for symmetry. Or there is other way? thanks in advance.

Hi Margarita,

Yes it is perfectly valid as solution. The only drawback is that when you later modify the animation of the original wing, the other one (the copied) doesn’t follow. But it is fair easy to delete the copied layer and copy the original back again.

In the future you can try to use exported canvases for that task so when you modify the exported canvas all its copies (that are references) are modified too. It has some drawbacks like that the exported canvases can’t be un-exported, so feel happy to use your solution.


Nice work!!!
It is simple though but very good attempt for the first timers…
You can do lot better,just keep practicing
Best of luck for your future projects :smiley: