Inkscape Text Saved as Synfig file

Hello. When I save an inskape drawing with text as a synfig file and open the file in synfig I get weird results. Is there a way to fix this?

Your used this?

Hi. I tried to use that package. Now the synfig files exported from inkscape are completely blank, showing no text at all. Before I was using the default exporter

I upgraded to Inkscape 0.92.3 and the text is still messed up in synfig.

if you go to the last comment in this thread he has duplicated the issue:

convert text to vector and export with svg2sif

i dont have this error
hola_texto.sif (233 KB)

Ok. I opened your file. The text seems correct

I attached a sample where I trid to convert my text to vector.

I made the text then went to path>>object to path

I saved this as an *.sif

I still had the same problem.

shape text.sif (72.8 KB)
shape text.svg

Ungroup and separate shape and join parts…

shape text.sif (76.5 KB)

Let me make sure I have the straight:

  1. make text
  2. path>object to path
  3. ungroup
  4. union
  5. save as sif

can you send me the inkscape file you made?

shape text.svg
Desconvine and convine

What is Descovine and covine?

I think I see the problem. The path of the ‘A’ below is you file. the one above is my file. I am not getting that extra cut in the path.

I tried join, combine, group, ungroup and I get the same result

what version of inkscape do you use?

1 Step
2 Step

Thanks bazza. I tried the methods in this thread. All of them. I have narrowed the problem down to just shapes that have enclosures like “R” “P” “A” “D” and especially “B” because it has two enclosures. There does not seem to be a way around this. Not even with “break apart” and “exclusion”. I even tried using the extensions>synfig>prepare for export and got the same results. what version synfig do you have. When I open your file it says that is was created with an earlier version of synfig. Please include the version of synfig you are using it says that the file is 90DPI instead of 96DPI. Maybe that is a clue. Thanks.

I have been unable to reproduce the extra edge that you get. I tried to make my own extra edges. the results were not good.

closed letters only.sif (141 KB)
closed letters only.svg

When have free time do a video tutorial

Fault Filter -> preparate to synfig and save in .sif

If this does not work Beark Appart And Convine characters multi-shape

I Just downgraded to Inkscape 0.91 and everything works so far


report issue error a svg2sif