Inkscape .sif file to Synfig problem

I try to import .sif file from Inkscape (version 1.1.2) to my Synfigstudio (version 1.4.2), but I always get an error:

You are opening a file which was created in old version of Synfig. If you save this file in current version
it might not open correctly in old version of Synfig anymore.

And after I import the file some layers are missing or are misplaced.

Did you encounter the same problem and maybe someone knows the solution?

What layer types are missing?

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Before saving the file, convert all objects to paths.

And it is just a warning, not an error.

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The layers where is some text or numbers.

Aha that worked very well although I still have some problems with text and numbers, but it is much better. Thank you <3

Rectangle,elipes, numbers and letters

They are already supported in 1.5.1 (or future 1.5.2 XD).

Text is not supported due to various features the SVG element has (like text path, spans, etc.). Our text layer is too simple for now.