Initial settings help

Hello all.
First let me say that I have found many guides to do what I need and all of them seem to be showing options I am not seeing. And perhaps it is because of how I am starting.

I added an option into Inkscape to export as .sif.
I open Synfig, select open and can open the drawing I made. All is good at this point.

I can not find any way to begin toying with the animations options in synfig. Granted, I am still learning the software.
I’m looking to add key frames, found out I need to be looking at a timeline, then find out how to do a timeline, then see the “enter animation” option that I am SUPPOSED to have but dont…

I know I am rushing things trying to get to the goods of the spftware and haven’t taken it to dinner yet but can someone give me a step or two so I can get things started?

Sorry to post something so noobish, and on any other forum I’d give myself a hard time also and post “SEARCH” and links to guides, but like I said, I am having difficulty with all “official” guides let alone where do I start…

Thank you

The first thing I did in Synfig Studio was this:

I think it’s the best place to start.

Read (and do) this from the start:

Read (and do) this from the start: