importing set of images


I recently (3 days ago) installed Synfig, and I’m trying to find my way.
I’m trying to make animation movies about my research (e.g. see … chemie.wmv –ppt…) and as a useful exercise I thought it would be fun to create a spinning world, which may be useful for future projects.

I managed to create a 3D globe in adobe ( … llustrator, very pleased with myself, and the tutorial), tried to import individual views as SVG files – didn’t work, maybe the files were too large. Then I saved the individual views as BMP files, and used a framelist to import them in Synfig. For some reason, some of the views were opened/stored in two following frames, and some frames seem to be empty (after rendering, the size of some PNG files is 0KB).
Is there a better way to import sets of images, or is it possible to remove the double/empty frames in Synfig?

Thanks in advance

Without knowing the size/format of the image files (assume BMP) it is difficult to help here.
I think that png would work better than bmp in any case. Do you really need a huge resolution image file?. Maybe adapt the resolution of the imported file to the final render would help a lot.
Also you can try to export the SVG from Inkscape to sif format instead of directly import the SVG from Synfig Studio. It gives better results.
Also the size of the SVG or the image files maybe blocking the computer specifications that I don’t know which are they.

A sample file with the images or svg used could help more.

Thank you for your reply.

I figured out that I was sloppy – I thought it would be sufficient to indicate the file-names in the Framelist, but the problem seems to be solved by adding “FPS 24” on top of the list (24 frames per second).

For this set of figures, PNG files are definitely better than BMG files. Thank you for the suggestion (I’m really not into these different file types…)
Using SVG- or SIF –files of these figures is not really an option - the size of the SVG-files was ~7 MB, and converting to SIF-files increased the size to 56 MB. Of course, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid such large-size figures.

A useful exercise, which taught me a lot! Sorry for asking before being more critical and checking the steps myself…

I continue playing around with Synfig, trying to find out what I can do with it, how I can use it. One of the things I tried was to draw a circle in Inkscape, save, and import this figure in Synfig.
When I imported the SVG-file, I got the “contemporary art”, reported before:

When I imported the SIF-file, everything seemed fine. However, when I tried to move this circle, or change it, then I received the following message:

“The value you are trying to edit is in a composition
which doesn’t seem to be open. Open that composition and you
should be able to edit this value as normal.”

No clue what this means, and what I’m supposed to do to solve the problem. Could you help me?

I’m using Synfig 0.64.3 and Inkscape 0.91 under Windows 7.

Thanks in advance