importing png from GIMP

Installed Synfig and it runs fine. Installed the export plug-in for GIMP and it’s 100%. When I exported my png from GIMP into Synfig, it brought the image in with canvas size [ 1080 x 1920 ] as it should. The problem comes when I try to grab the actual image to keyframe it. It is merged to the background layer and I cannot move it properly like in the tutorial. Should I be doing something differently on the import from GIMP? thanks.

Can you elaborate a little bit more the problem? how is the image merged to the background? I don’t understand that part

I had “save background color” checked when saving the GIMP xcf to png. When I imported the image, my rectangle that I wanted to animate was locked to the canvas. In other words, when I tried to move it, the whole canvas would move. I found a tutorial on youtube that recommended unchecking “save background color”. I did so, then saved to png. Then I exported using the plug-in and it worked.